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We use our extensive data insights and video expertise to plan, produce, and refine video content.

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Maximize share of voice

Every year viewers migrate from traditional TV video content to online video on social and sharing platforms. Therefore, an effective video content marketing strategy, optimised channels, and clever content activation are key to maximizing your brand’s share of voice.
Videobeat’s analytics team uses a data deep-dive into your and your competitor’s’ content marketing and multiple audience insights.Thereby they lay the foundation for our in-house creative experts to plan and produce relevant, relatable videos that entertain, grow and retain your audience. Subsequently, our media team employs our proprietary targeting technology to expand your content’s audience.
We are also one of the few agencies worldwide to enhance your content’s discoverability. Our content experts are diligently trained to optimise your channel’s front-end and back-end to ensure your viewers find, watch, re-watch and share your content, boosting organic subscriber growth.

Video Seeding

Despite a presence on YouTube and other platforms, brands often struggle with drawing attention to new or existing video content. Within the millions of videos available, it is difficult to stand out through SEO, let alone with simple uploads. Videobeat’s Content Activation solves this problem by maximizing your content discoverability. With our granular targeting capabilities, we ensure your video content reaches highly receptive audiences in order to convert them into loyal subscribers and followers across platforms.

Technology – Data Insights

Our software allows us to aggregate media metrics from every video and social media engagement 24h a day, 365 days a year. Working with these billions of daily data points enables us to analyze more video metrics than any other agency. That is how we generate unprecedented insights about your brand, competitors and channel eco-system – all within minutes. Monitoring all topics, trends, engagement and metadata on YouTube, we conduct constant and seamless research into what is most effective for your content marketing and advertising. We thereby design strategies, concepts and formats for individual videos or full campaigns that will ensure your success.
Our YouTube Channel Analysis provides your brand with deep insights into your untapped potentials on YouTube. Aggregating data across YouTube’s ecosystem, our algorithms calculate a plethora of metrics, which visualize your YouTube channel’s state and future opportunities. In order to show you how we stand out, one of our consultants can generate a free YouTube Channel Analysis for you. The recommendations will help you strategize your brand’s content on YouTube, and suggest what to focus on to boost your brand channel’s effectiveness.