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Tracked, measured, and optimized exactly like your online campaigns.


Our metrics oriented approach to TV advertising provides the flexibility to test budgets across a diverse range of networks.

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TV on the rise

A common misconception is that TV has lost the battle against online video advertising. However, TV watch-time continues to increase; what has changed, is how people watch. TV is now a “second screen” while viewers have their smartphone or tablet on-hand. At Videobeat, we understand how to activate these audiences as we plan, produce, and distribute TV commercials. Through the application of digital-marketing metrics to the offline medium, we provide clients with quantifiable data, measuring campaign effectiveness and the impact the campaigns have with our proprietary tracking software.
Through our strong relationships with networks we are also able to offer our clients flexibility as well as exclusive conditions specifically for test budgets. This allows you to market on TV confident that it will fit your brand strategy. We take care of all your TV placement and attribution needs through our all-in-one model of producing and managing modern TV campaigns in their entirety.

Technology – TV Tracking & Attribution

We are driven by data and insights. As online marketers, we saw the need to develop tools that measure the impact of hardly trackable TV commercials. Our proprietary TV Tracker Software collects data on viewer responsiveness directly after your advertisement’s airing. We give our clients a major advantage through online platform crossover tracking because interactions and site visitors finally become visualized and conversions initiated via TV are attributed.Additionally, our software allows us to apply typical online marketing metrics to your offline commercials. This way, we provide detailed and transparent insights into your TV campaign performance and help guide your future on- and offline marketing strategies.

Videobeat provides an efficient and effective way to track and measure the impact of your TV campaigns, surfacing the impact of every spot and allowing us to optimize your campaign by shifting spend to whichever time slots, programs or channels it yields the best results for.