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With our unique approach to executing outstanding campaigns, we repeatedly outperform metrics and exceed partner expectations.

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Cross Platform Advertising

We deliver video ads with a multidimensional approach across all platforms and devices. Reaching fragmented audiences via TV and online can be challenging. But leveraging our proprietary software and in-depth knowledge, we help you bridge the gaps by harnessing all platform opportunities and creating successful video advertising campaigns. Being able to fully tap into the potential of video advertising means understanding not only your audience’s digital behavior, but also knowing how to leverage each placement platform’s algorithm.

While guaranteeing full transparency, our approach identifies the optimal strategy, maximizes reach and delivers amazing KPI’s that exceed industry benchmarks. Our media optimisation happens daily and in real-time, giving our partners an advantage over their competitors – along with the most detailed reporting to help you understand your campaign impact and audience.


Our clients’ video campaigns on facebook are designed to beat the infinite scroll, with hyper-targeted visibility yielding organic growth through user-initiated likes and shares. Through our proprietary data management technology and best practices, we leverage Facebook’s features to identify and understand your exact audience, subsequently addressing and engaging them through video. We improve your advertising impact by continuously aggregating and analyzing data to pinpoint trends, demographics, locations and events. Besides measuring every metric, Videobeat’s experts employ granular targeting and real-time optimization to fulfil your key performance indicators.

Videobeat transparently and collaboratively helps your brand connect via highly personal Newsfeed micro moments, and bridges audience fragmentation via advertising across video platforms and our publisher portfolio. Plus, our in-house capabilities extend to strategy and video production, so you consistently excel in your social video advertising.


Videobeat designs and runs exceptional Instagram campaigns, using hyper-targeting and visual affinity content to effectively engage the platform’s aesthetics-craving audience.The platform’s layout emphasizes visuals, dramatically increasing views, engagement and conversion rates for performance marketing and branding. Videobeat boosts Instagram results by focusing on native videos driven by best practices, visual trends and aggregated user data analysis. After developing the optimal ad, our experienced campaign experts use granular targeting to reach your most receptive viewers in the right micro-moments. Videobeat also leverages Instagram’s features via our data management technology to consistently optimize your campaign along key performance indicators.

As an online video one-stop-shop, our capabilities include planning your video strategy, producing videos, and reaching audiences across video platforms and our publisher portfolio. Videobeat’s clear-cut and collaborative services take care of your video needs, so your social advertising outperforms the average.


With our unique approach to planning and executing outstanding right-mindset preroll campaigns, we repeatedly outperform metrics and exceed partner expectations. At Videobeat, we amplify YouTube’s advantages through our proprietary software, campaign experts and access to exclusive features. Via the platform’s metadata, our contextual targeting technology leverages your most relevant content for your most receptive audience in the right moment. As YouTube expert and trusted Google Premier Partner, we use our extensive video experience to manage your advertising on YouTube towards optimal return.

As an online video one-stop-shop, we also cover your media strategy and production needs along with campaigns across social platforms and publisher sites. Working transparently and closely with our clients in tailoring every campaign to their demands, we repeatedly achieve results beyond industry averages.


With Videobeat, you can be one of the first brands to advertise on Snapchat, seizing all of the young platform’s visual, engagement, targeting and data analytics possibilities. The platform’s vertical video format captures the viewer’s undivided attention allowing advertisers to leverage personal, relevant and inspiring micro-messages. Videobeat offers your brand carefully curated vertical content for your viewer’s immersion in native experiences, and granular audience targeting to provide optimal engagement and view rates. When creating campaigns, we use our close relationships with Snapchat influencers, Videobeat’s audience analysis, and data management technology to let your brand harness untapped audience enthusiasm.

Our full-service capabilities include planning your video strategy, producing videos, and reaching audiences across video platforms and our publisher portfolio. Videobeat’s transparent and cooperative services simplify your advertising and take care of your video needs, so your Snapchat advertising excels.


Videobeat has the know-how to optimally place video ads using twitter trends, achieving the engagement via retweets and likes that supercharges every advertising campaign. Millions of people use Twitter, with most users logging on via their smartphones, giving your brand access to your audience at key engagement times. Because successful Twitter ads not only include targeted content, Videobeat also helps you develop a well-rounded social media strategy to listen, measure, engage, scale, and analyze. We identify trending topics and optimize campaigns via our data management technology to improve brand positioning and define your brand’s “voice.”

At Videobeat, we merge innovative video production with cross-platform placement and media strategy under one roof, efficiently generating the user response you desire. Our expertly executed combination of tweet-text and video captivates your audience and elicits brand interaction. Sift through the noise, win your target group’s attention, and improve business results.


We focus on range of KPIs including reach, interaction and app installs to optimize your mobile video advertising campaigns to meet your audience on their devices via effective micro-moments. Mobile allows your brand to extend your reach and engage your audience directly via intimate micro-moments. With Videobeat’s data management technology, we enable brands to granularly filter, target and retarget viewers based on exact current location, behavior and digital environment. Together with our experience from numerous app installation, performance and branding campaigns, our innovative mobile video approach helps us precisely address, captivate and inspire your audience.

Videobeat’s in-house capabilities include planning your mobile video strategy, producing mobile-optimized content, and consistently refining metric-driven ad placement across social platforms, apps, and our publisher portfolio. We offer fully transparent and cooperative services to ensure your brand outrivals in the complex world of mobile advertising.


Videobeat uses its vast digital publisher network and granular targeting capabilities to place your video advertising across relevant web content to captivate your audience off-platform. With seemingly infinite numbers of websites, audience profiles and ad placements to choose from, it is vital to find and have seamless access to the appropriate and most effective inventory. At Videobeat, we use our data management technology to ensure your ads are contextually relevant, and reach the right audience for your performance and branding goals. We understand the importance of brand safety, working tirelessly to guarantee placing your ad only with publishers that fit and strengthen your brand image.

As a one-stop-shop for video advertising, we also create effective video strategies, produce captivating ads, and enable you to reach new audiences or retarget known ones along a conversion funnel across major video platforms. Our transparent and synergetic services help your brand outperform in the increasingly complex field of programmatic advertising.

Technology – Deep data analytics

While many still focus on dated indicators, Videobeat’s analysts use our in-house technology to focus on resulting audience behavior, multilayer targeting alignment and success in bridging platform fragmentation among others. We are not only able to optimize campaigns in real time, but ensure a head-start on future campaigns and strategies.  Additionally, one of Videobeat’s major assets is our automated and detailed cross-platform reporting aggregating more metrics than ever before.

With hundreds of successfully executed video campaigns, extensive performance analyses and a profound understanding of video platform algorithms, our unique data-fueled approach results in outstanding KPI’s and cost-efficient ad buying. Our proprietary data aggregator for online video and audience targeting lets us combine trend and engagement analyses from billions of data points with intersection sets of different interest- and behavior-based audiences. We can include any additional data to meet your KPIs